WordPress Websites

If you are looking for a website that is easy to manage, customize and add content to with minimal skills and no additional software, a WordPress site might be exactly what you are looking for. We offer different content management

Website SEO

All of our SEO services are proven and effective techniques that all comply with the major search engine guidelines. We are not interested in any search engine scams or fads that will get penalized or have results that fade away


At PixelPly, we offer a few different types of graphic services including web graphics, print graphics, banners, etc. Web Graphics- All of our web graphics are done with the best web format for that particular image. We then optimize the

Quality Websites at Affordable Prices

We enjoy building quality websites and graphics as a lasting investment that will bring our clients years of advertising and dependable use. All of the techniques we use at PixelPly are proven stable methods. We are not interested in using every flimsy fad or new technique that comes on the market. We are only interested in the ones that are proven to be solid and will work for the long term.

Custom Websites to fit your needs

PixelPly offers a small variety of website types including small personal websites, larger websites that run databases. PixelPly also offers a large assortment of website graphic design services including site logos, web site headers, and custom website navigation graphics. This enables us to incorporate your look and branding into your website and make it yours.