PixelPly offers a few different ecommerce options. We can integrate payment systems as a simple buy now button, or help you set up a full shopping cart system.

We have tested several payment systems and shopping carts and only use the few that we have found to be dependable, reliable and user friendly.

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We prefer to stick reliable and well tested payment systems for a few different reasons. One is that they have had large amounts of time and money spent on development so that they work well and are thoroughly tested for dependability and user friendliness. In addition, the more popular systems are so frequently used that the bugs have been fixed. The last thing you want is your customer leaving halfway through check out because they had a hard time with your check out system or your check out system is not functioning properly. Customers on the Internet usually have very little patience, and when they have trouble with a check out process, they usually leave in frustration and order from the next site they find.

Another reason we like the more popular systems is that people recognize them and trust putting their payment information into them. If you have payment systems people have never seen or heard of, they can be suspicious of putting their credit card and personal information into them. We don’t want systems that scare away customers when they are already to the point they are trying to pay you money.

We have experimented with and tested many different shopping carts and only found a couple that we will use. Shopping carts are usually large programs and are very complex so they need to be very well developed or they can have many problems. Problems and bugs translate directly to lost customers and lost sales. Shopping carts need to be dependable. That means they need to have a clean code that will run and keep running. A shopping cart that breaks down or sends customers to a blank page loses you orders and money. Shopping carts also need to be laid out so they can be easily navigated if a customer wants to place an order. We want it to be easy for the customer to pay you.

If you have purchased items from several (especially smaller) Internet sites, I am sure you have been to at least one site with a non-functioning, or difficult to navigate, check out system causing you to abandon your purchase. You were probably one of thousands and that equals thousands of lost dollars. How long was the system broken before they noticed? How much did it cost to fix it? How long was it fixed before it broke again? We prefer to avoid asking or answering these questions, which is why we only offer a few highly tested, dependable payment systems, and shopping carts.

At PixelPly we will be happy to give you free consultation and give your our opinion on what will be the best payment system or shopping cart to fit your ecommerce needs.