At PixelPly, we offer a few different types of graphic services including web graphics, print graphics, banners, etc.

Web Graphics-
All of our web graphics are done with the best web format for that particular image. We then optimize the graphics so that they are the smallest file size that can retain the most image information. We do this so when your images are displayed on the screen, they open fast and look nice. We also do slide shows, custom display frames, and place and size images in your website so they look good when they are displayed.

We can also help you with security on your pictures while they are on the Internet. Typical security features include watermarks and sizing files so that your pictures are not as useful if they are downloaded illegally. This also insures that your pictures are only available for reprinting with permission from you.

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Logos and Branding-
We can use existing logos or help you create your branding and logo so that it can be used on your website, business cards or flyers. We can create logos and branding from scratch or we have access to large graphic databases that you can pick out designs or pieces of designs to use in your logos.

Print Graphics-
We can help you design and set up a large variety of print graphics including business cards, letterheads, flyers, brochures, etc. We use the latest technology in graphic software to create the highest quality graphic files to send to the printer you choose.

Large Print Graphics-
We can do vinyl car decals, large wall stencils, etc. For large graphics, we use vector format, which can be enlarged or decreased to any size without losing detail or quality. With large graphics, we can help you design them so they can be seen from far away in the environment they need to be displayed in.

Most of the time, we can give discounts on bundled graphic packages. If we create and use the same graphics on multiple projects such as websites, businesses cards, and letterheads, it saves us time, which we can pass on to our clients as a discount.