PixelPly offers a variety of websites from small business descriptions to large Content Management Systems and a lot in-between. We offer full support for 30 days with all of our sites. If your site goes down or something goes wrong, you just need to call us and we will take care of it.

If you are not sure of what kind of website you need, we can help you fit the right site to your needs. Do you want to be able to edit the site yourself? Do you want to put ads on your site? Slideshows? We offer many different options.

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Many of our clients looking for a site have a limited budget set aside for this. We specialize in low cost sites, but like to set them up so that they can also be upgraded and added on to later as your need and budget expands. It can be discouraging to spend several thousand dollars on a site and want to change things in a few months or a year and have to start all over. We do our best to set sites up so they can be easily and inexpensively improved and upgraded in the future.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to buy a tossed together website that looks like an abandoned school project. Even our most basic sites look professional, function well, and can be upgraded and expanded for years to come.

At PixelPly, we extensively test all of the website systems we use in different browsers and user environments before we provide them to our customers. The systems we offer are offered because we have tested them and found them to be the most functional, dependable, and economic choices. We stay away from all of the systems that we have tested and found to be lacking. We have no interest in selling or working on junk that has problems now and will likely have problems in the future.

We like to know that websites we are designing are built on solid systems and will function well. We guarantee our work and if your website does not function well due to a system flaw or setup error, we will fix it.