At PixelPly we like to help our customers arrange the best hosting solutions for their websites. We are experienced with many different hosting options from small, inexpensive plans to your own private server and everything in between.

We have tried many different website hosting companies and solutions looking for ones that are reliable, affordable and reputable. We like our customers to have good hosting because we offer full support. If you have a hosting problem, we have to deal with it (especially during setup) and the difference between a good host and a bad host can mean the difference of a quick email or hours of headaches.

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The main things we look for in a host are reliability, customer service/support, and up-time.

Reliability is important. Many hosting companies are here one day and gone the next. When they disappear, or change ownership, your site is in unknown hands or possibly down. It is easy to find a few professional looking pictures and put up a clean looking site, but that doesn’t always mean that the company behind it is reputable. We like to deal with hosting companies that have been around long enough to have a good reputation.

Customer service and support is a big issue with hosting. We like to work with hosting companies that have good customer support so if there is ever a problem, we can get it resolved quickly.

Up-time is another important aspect of hosting. If a hosting company has old or insufficient equipment, they will usually have a higher percentage of down time, which means when people go to your site nothing will show up. When a hosting company has old or insufficient equipment, it often gets overloaded during peak times when the most people will potentially be visiting your site. With a bad host, your site might show up or it might not. Some hosting companies will also over sell their hosting space, which will also slow down your site at peak times or can cause it to go down.

At PixelPly, we believe in utilizing the best hosting solutions for each client’s situation to ensure stability, speed and secure back up solutions.

We would love to talk to you about your website and hosting needs.