If you are looking for a website that is easy to manage, customize and add content to with minimal skills and no additional software, a WordPress site might be exactly what you are looking for.

We offer different content management systems, but WordPress is the most user friendly by far. One of the great benefits of WordPress is that it gives users the power to manage and edit their own sites. With regular HTML and CSS sites a person has to have website editing software or know how to type code by hand to edit their site’s content. Then they need to be able to upload the site by ftp transfer to the host. All for a simple edit. With WordPress, it is as simple as logging into your own site and clicking “edit”, making your changes, then clicking “save”.

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WordPress is a very powerful tool that can build and manage very large websites effectively and still be simple enough to be a great platform for a small personal site. WordPress is very user friendly and after the initial set up and can be easily managed through a user-friendly dashboard. Content can be added, deleted, and organized easily with a few clicks of your mouse.

WordPress is also great at handling images. You can easily place and size images into your pages with a few clicks of the mouse. PixelPly can also set up great slideshows and thumbnail viewers as added features to WordPress sites.

WordPress can be set up to allow readers to leave comments about your content so you can create blogs, articles and stories with feedback, etc. and can allow your site to be a part of an active internet community.

Another great thing about WordPress is that it is an open source program. This means that WordPress is built and improved by an open community of people that are building and improving WordPress for the community and not for profit. As an open source program, you can easily find support, discussion forums and plenty of great material to learn about WordPress and how you can maximize the benefits for your site.

Themes are designs that you can load onto your WordPress site that will give your site a new design and look. Great WordPress themes are constantly being designed and redesigned by some of the world’s best web designers. One of the great advantages of having a WordPress site is that you get to choose between hundreds of good, solid site designs to apply to your site. At PixelPly, we can help you choose a good, functioning layout theme and help you customize the theme to fit your site and needs.

Add-ons, widgets and codes are constantly being created that are easy to use and integrate into your site. Being open source software, anyone can add codes, widgets and add-ons, which makes it so users do the testing. At PixelPly, we rigorously test all add-ons, widgets and codes before we ever use them in a work environment. Our sites are solid and ready to go as soon as they are uploaded.

Everyone we have set up a WordPress site for has been very happy with it. You get a lot of site for a small price. It is by far the most site we can offer for the least amount of money. Your new WordPress site will be solid, functioning, easy to edit, customizable and dependable.